I bought these boots way back in Armidale in 2001. They are a children’s size and have walked a very long way through all manner of terrain with me. They remain intact. And they fit.

A few days back, Arkue and I spoke of a woman I had met in early recovery. She had had a low rockbottom like mine and she saw the fear in my eyes.

She told me that once you went full on into Recovery that the other world and the Recovering world never again collided. Parallel tracks. That proved to be true. Arkue had heard her speak last week at a Sydney meeting.

Then dang me tonight, I went into the little Urunga AA meeting and in walked this woman. I hadn’t seen her for 20 years or so.  But it was her and she recalled me and I knew her. She was coming back from Murwillumbah where an old friend is dying. I knew all the people there as well. I was in the  Murbah area from 2001 to 2009. And I knew Reg way before that in Sydney.

Jules took me and brought me home and she had made a beautiful chicken soup for me.

Another day done. Slept most of it, as I do.

AND I AM O.K. tonight.

lynne 3


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