lagoon pelican

A very disturbed and unpleasant night followed by another day of sleeping. I don’t have any interest in going out or seeing people. I just want to sleep. I haven’t even taken any photos.

LYNNE BW copy 2
2016 in the beachshack

I am VERY peaceful and content except in the middle of the night. I may have needed to pull my life back to this size and pace. It has always been an inclination of mine and has usually suited me well. Quietly. Quietly and simply.

Hour To Hour – Book – Quote

Whatever you are feeling now that disturbs you, whatever thoughts or situations plague you, remember that it will pass. Sometimes when emotions are strong, we feel they will never end. But they do and whatever you are feeling now, you won’t be feeling tomorrow. We promise.

I to understand that my troubles are not forever that ‘this too shall pass.’

Seeing Me from the Inside Out

Today, I will become aware of that part of me that is separate and observes all that I say, do, think and feel. I have a witness within me that can become a very useful part of my life. Watching my thoughts, feelings and behavior with a little bit of objectivity will help me to see myself as I really am. Fear, for example, is only fear. When I experience small fears throughout my day I will simply see myself feeling them, I will watch them, experience them and allow them to dissipate. I will breathe in and out as they move through me. By allowing my mind to watch itself with no thought of controlling or participating, I can learn a great deal about the way I work. I can allow myself to change on the inside.

I am an uncritical observer of my own inner workings.

– Tian Dayton PhD


Twenty-Four Hours A Day
July 30
A.A. Thought For The Day

The other day we should not worry about is tomorrow, with its possible adversities, its burdens, its large promise, and perhaps its poor performance. Tomorrow is also beyond our immediate control.  Tomorrow’s sun will rise, either in splendour or behind a mask of clouds, but it will rise. Until it does, we have no stake in tomorrow, for it is as yet unborn.


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