Journey To The Heart
July 30
Find Your Own Healing Places

When I arrived in Sedona, I met Marianne. She and her husband ran the lodge where I stayed.

“You’ll like it here,” she said. “You’ll find the healing you need.”

“Where should I look?” I asked. “Where should I go? What things should I be sure to do?”

“There is no map for that,” she quietly replied. “You’ll find your own places. They’ll call to you or you’ll call them to you. You’ll be drawn to what you need.”

Sometimes, along the way, people specifically point things out to us. We get a clear plan about where to go next. But we can also reach a place for which there is no map, no itinerary, no set agenda for how to find our way. That’s because we’re supposed to be trusting our heart.

This is an important place on the journey. It tells us our heart can be trusted. It’s a time of joy, a time of trusting what we’ve learned and what we know, a time of trusting the universe and discovering that that trust is well placed.

You don’t need to be shown what to do next. Your heart and soul will lead the way. You’ll learn to tell when something is right, when something works.

Learn to find places of healing. Learn to find people, places, events, and rituals that work for you. Don’t worry about how to find them or wait for someone to point them out. They’ll call to you, or you’ll call them into your life.


That is the process in which I seem to have stalled. After Izzy died, I knew I needed to leave Raleigh. I knew I would not heal there. I looked for places and at one time it seemed that I would be able to move into the New Raleigh Aged Care facility. Then I caught pneumonia and was in the Coma.. When I cam home, that option was gone and things looked hopeless. I was too ill even to go looking for anywhere.

Next thing, I had a call offering me this wee Beachshack, very cheaply . I knew this was a Healing Place. A convalescent place.  I had experienced it before – in the 70s , the 80s, the 90s, in 2000. Different addresses along this stretch of road and lagoon and so I came and it has been good to me and for me. Restlessness is on me now but once again nothing correct has come up. For one brief shining moment, I thought I would be able to go to Eden. Then to Anas in North Bello but now – now -I am stuck again and beaten and so I sit still and wait. Wait for the next guiding.

SO MANY DESIRES have been stripped away fro me. So many dreams have perished. I am left with very little direction except to do what I am doing. Sleep. And sleep. And do the small things. Be content therein.



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