Elder’s Meditation of the Day – July 30

“You want to know who’s a real medicine man? He’s the one who doesn’t say ‘I’m a medicine man.’ He doesn’t ask you to come to him. You’ve got to go and ask him. And you’ll find he’s always there among his own people.”
– Louis Farmer, ONONDAGA

The Medicine Man is a role model of what it is like to live in harmony and balance with the Creator. It takes a long time, a lot of sacrifice and discipline to become a Medicine Man. A Medicine Man is humble and never crass about anything. He knows he lives to do the will of the Great Spirit. He knows he is to help the people. He lives very low key – the more low key he lives, the more people seek him out – and such is life. The more one serves the people and is quiet about it, the more he is sought out. The quieter he is, the more powerful is his medicine.

Great Spirit, allow me this day to be humble. Allow me this day not to seek attention, but to live quietly and keep my focus and attention on serving You.


I don’t know what is going on with me. I am sleeping many hours a day – peacefully and without enough strength to do anymore than that. It feels pretty good except that I struggle to deal with my daily requirements like shopping, cleaning etc and haven’t in fact gone out at all so I have been eating just what I have here which has been plenty because I am not very hungry either.

I hope its OK. I hope its just relaxing into a new stage. I feel far less stressed and far less false. I feel able to grieve and meditate and move into my age and condition – otherwise I am in trouble. I simply don’t know. I no longer yearn for much nor am I restless and longing to go places or do anything.

Kaybee tells me to remember that I have been in hospital and that I have been very ill and her compassion and assistance are making a huge difference – unlike the official organisations on which I would not – as my old Dad used to say – piss on from a great height.

So the day has passed. I went out for the one pony ride right on dusk but didn’t do the shops. I think maybe my neighbours have moved. They haven’t been the best neighbours in the world.

Now for the Night. There is a baby whale in Twofold Bay in Eden. All is well here. Time to settle in again.

no need now

no need to pretend

to be


no need

to try

to go on as before

no need at all

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Each Day a New Beginning
July 30

It is the creative potential itself in human beings that is the image of God.
—Mary Daly

God’s presence is within us, now and always, even though we feel alone, alienated, scared, and forgotten much of the time. We often overlook God’s presence because we don’t recognize it. Our talents, our desires, and our pursuits are the evidence – all the evidence we’ll ever need once we understand it – that God is present within and about us all the time.

The creative potential goes unrealized among so many of us, perhaps because we have a rigid definition of what creativity is. We are creative. We are all, each of us, creative. We must be because God’s presence is here now. When we choose to let it guide us, we’ll be able to offer our own unique gifts to the world of friends around us. Encouraging creativity, our own and someone else’s, may mean breaking old habits. It surely does mean stepping out of our own way. It also means giving ourselves fully to the experience of the moment and trusting that God’s presence will prompt the deliverance of our special gift.

In the moment lives God within us. In the moment I am creative, blessed with gifts like no other. I will stay in the moment and offer them, guided by the God within.


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