Time for Joy – Book – Quote

Today I will slow down and wait for answers. I will stop rushing and struggling to find them. They will make themselves known to me when I am ready to hear them. By just knowing that they are here and that they will appear in their time, I can relax.


To live a spiritual life we must first find the courage to enter into the desert of loneliness and to change it by gentle and persistent efforts into a garden of solitude.
—Henri J. M. Nouwen

The rains came today and the winds. We knew they were coming but it didn’t seem so bad and then I went to the NA meeting and a couple of hours later came home to a windblown water doused home. Its built up all day and I am tucked inside all cosy and warm. I have been through many floods and I and me – well we went through a few as well and he weren’t really used to them.

The first one was up on the hill in Bilambil in 2007. WE were OK but the Club down in the Valley wasn’t. The waters went right through and the Staff and Punters  had to sleep on the pool table and the bar. They tell me that the President picked up an infection from the Sullage. Someone told me recently that he passed away from it.

Next flood was in Ulmarra on the might Clarence River. 2009. THE BIG FLOOD. THAT WAS  a bit freakier. They said the Levee might go and told us to evacuate. Iz really freaked that time. I send him down to the Pub to see what they thought and they were calm and I checked with out neighbours so we stayed put. The water came might high.We had to move our cars miles away and after the first wave of flooding, someone came down Coldstream Street yelling ” The Coldstream is flowing backwards”. We figured that  probably not a good thing. IN the end we were stuck at home for about 8 days. It was kind  of fun. The power stayed on and the Internet. I always am flood stocked with food so we were fine.

Then Raleigh – well – its on the river flats and it flooded quite often – but just for short periods.

I am not sure what will happen this time. Doesn’t seem to be as much actual water but the tide is a 1.98 – which is very high and if it is raining up on the mountains, water may still come on down.

For tonight – well I am snug and safe ( I think ) and for once I am simply leaving the things outside to be attended to tomorrow.


MEDICALLY – Just one blood ooze from the cheek during meeting. Some abdominal discomfort. Minor. Increased energy. 

This last illness seems to have set me back as regards clarity of thinking. I am forgetful and easily confused again.  Bum. I get embarrassed too, because I can’t always engage with people without drifting off.

I have never had words for the Decline. I have tried to talk to People about it as we all grow older but they seem to think I am talking negatively and encouraging them to be AGED. But – what I have been trying to say is what the Daily Tao below says.

Daily TAO
August 3

      Fog chills heaven to gray.
      Nights come earlier.
      Everyone knows decline,
      But few discern its border.

Why do we never prepare for decline? We all realize it is a valid phenomenon – we know about the fall of empires, the ageing of heroes, the lessening of our own skill – but we are not always aware of its approach. We often realize too late we are in a period of decline, and so we are unprepared. It takes a wise person to perceive the moment when things begin to change.

Summer does not fade away in a day. Our actions must accord with the times. Just as the decline of summer is gradual, so too should our actions be commensurate with the pace of change. Even though decline may be approaching, we must gauge how quickly or how slowly events are moving. If we are too hasty – like someone who notices the first cool breeze and immediately dons winter clothing – we will be overreacting. It is important to think of decline as something natural and inevitable. Therefore there should be no emotional values attached to it. It simply happens, and that is all.

Big John is going to pick me up Saturday and take me down to Nambucca to show me the new Motorway and bring back other people for the Bello Meeting. I hope I stay well enough. I wold like to do that.




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