Well – slept on it. Sleeping almost all of the time. The Doc told me Friday that my organs were so compromised that I was truly looking at a short life span.

So I slept on it.

Then spoke to my brother today. He was a nurse at RPA for many years and he reiterated what his friend Scott who truly is a Specialist told us last November. Considering the illnesses I have, I am not vey compromised.  He said that many people with auto immune disorders of this nature live for years and years.

I slept on it.

So – back to my new normal.

Back to forming this new life.

Back to sleeping and acceptance.

Jaybee and Mad are considering moving. That will be interesting.

I am also considering moving – if someplace comes up for me.

Daily Zen
August 8

Evening meditation, enfolded in mountains,
All thoughts of the world dissolve.
Quietly sitting on my cattail cushion
Alone, I face the empty window.
Incense burns away, as the dark night deepens,
And my robe is a single fold, as white dew thickens
Rising from deep meditation, I stroll in the garden,
And the moon is already above the highest peak.

– Ryokan



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