I slept all day again. Comfortably and happily. I took a brief drive around the yard because today was the Yard Man’s Day. I was going to ride down and film the full moon coming up over the lagoon but I am too tired. SO. I SHALL go to bed early and read for a while. Its warming up and that makes the nights tolerable if I wake in the middle. It seems to me that the pain has eased a good deal which is less draining than the pain-filled days and nights. I continue to piece together the Illnesses I had and the after effects of them. Thank God for the Internet and Blogs and Chance Encounters with people. From the Medical Profession, I would know nothing. Disgraceful Inadequacies and Ineptness.

I changed the sheets and pillowcases and the Yard is immaculate. I have prepared and eaten a small meal. I have just a little more to read in the Harry Dresden series. And I kind of give in once more and settle into the Shack. That has brought me some peace. Bed now.


Elder’s Meditation of the Day – August 18

“You have to have confidence in your own ability to be able to go it alone, to go against what the rest of the culture is doing.”
–Eunice Baumann-Nelson, Ph.D., PENOBSCOT

God, this is hard.
Today, allow me to be a Warrior.
Let me be strong.
Let Your voice be clear to me.
Let me hear Your guidance.
My goal today is to serve You,
to develop myself to be the kind of person that You would have me be.
To Walk the Red Road I must sometimes walk alone.

Great Spirit, let me walk the Red Road today with the confidence that You are with me. If I fall, I will quickly ask You to help me know what I should do next.

Walk In Dry Places
August 18
Handle Today’s Problem
Living Today

Many of us face seemingly insurmountable difficulties, perhaps because of our compulsion or simply through misfortune. Whatever the scale of our problems,One Day at a Time and First things First, are keys to handling them.  Today, we can deal only with today’s problems. One of today’s problems, of course, may be worrying about the future. A good method of handling that problem is to turn our concern about it over to our Higher Power. But when we do have work that clearly should be done today, we must carry through with it. It’s neither reasonable nor sensible to put off things that we can and should do today.

There are certain tasks and responsibilities that must be dealt with today. I will not put them off.



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