New technology can help in rapid diagnosis and treatment of sepsis

Sepsis patients can be diagnosed and treated earlier with the help of new technology available for hospitals and homecare settings.Healthcare organisations can now use a patient monitoring platform called the Patient Status Engine (PSE) to help doctors and nurses rapidly pick up the illness, saving some of the 44,000 lives lost to it each year in the UK.The PSE uses vital signs, early warning scores and data analytics to flag up any changes in a patient’s condition and alert clinicians to what could be the early onsets of sepsis faster than they would have otherwise been able to detect it.Rebecca Weir, cofounder of Isansys Lifecare which has developed the PSE, says:Sepsis is a killer, not because doctors don’t know how to treat it but because the recognition of the condition is complex and often not early enough.By collecting the patient’s vital signs in real-time and continuously we are proactively driving a response to this problem. This can give doctors and nurses a better chance to diagnose and treat this condition much more quickly which is crucial as the risk of death from sepsis increases with every passing hour it goes untreated.Early detection of patient deterioration is vital to improving patient safety and avoiding preventable deaths

Source: New technology can help in rapid diagnosis and treatment of sepsis


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