When Hepatitis C Causes Heart Damage – HepatitisC.net

As if having the hepatitis C virus was not enough, you may also need to watch for risk of heart damage. We know that the virus can lead to advanced liver disease, cancer, and diabetes, to name a few. But you also need to consider whether what to do when hepatitis C causes heart damage.When I didn’t have a clue that my body harbored the hepatitis C virus, I kept getting sick from this or that. For many years, one of the symptoms that frightened me the most was heart palpitations and irregular heartbeat. I was constantly trying to learn new ways to help my heart calm down through books and exercise programs.Of course, the first thing I did was contact a doctor. They sent me home with a monitor to wear for a week. It was a huge thing that hung around my neck. I kept a diary of meal times, exercise, and even sex. They wanted to see what was happening to make my heart race and skip beats. It turned up nothing. No jokes about sex here. The doctor still placed me on a beta blocker to slow my ticker down and keep it in rhythm. He said my heart valves and chambers looked pretty good. I didn’t believe him.

Source: When Hepatitis C Causes Heart Damage – HepatitisC.net


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