Buggered if I know what’s what. What’s grief. What’s illness. What’s what illness.

It was another day more or less in bed. Buster next door came in and did some work on his greenhouse which was very good news because he is very ill. I am attending to the Shack and getting things organised somewhat. I seem to do better living this way and asking far less of myself. The Olympics are still on. They go forever – so it seems.

And me – I sleep the days and am sleepless the night. Stupid nights. NOW, EDEN IS on Facetime and the night is quiet outside. Probably a good moon but its too chilly to go out there. So I shall pass tonight inside; hope for sleep and just be settled at home.

Mostly I am OK now. Mostly. Mostly I don’t think or plan or commit. Mostly.

AND THEN ALL day I lie in bed and sleep and rest and then I am happy. I did read something at one stage about the not sleeping at night but I don’t know where I posted it.

Eden has gone to bed nowI have an arrangement to travel to a meeting with Jude tomorrow. Down at Nambucca. We will see how that affects me. It easy travelling anyways and I think she knows illness enough to be able to travel with her.

I am living a kind of Life of non-resistance. Everything I have tried to achieve has failed and I am left with images of lying there in a coma for a couple of weeks.

Made little difference to life IN SEPTEMBER 2014 . Makes little difference now.


Father Leo’s Daily Meditation
August 19

“When you see a snake, never mind where he came from.”
– W. G. Benham

So many alcoholics have died looking for “the problem” that made them drink. The wife, family, neighborhood or unemployment was why they thought they got drunk. They died seeking a reason.  Alcoholics Anonymous clearly states that alcohol is the problem for alcoholics.

Alcohol is the problem! A statement that is so simple yet so profound in its healing. Today thousands upon thousands are choosing not to die by not taking the first drink. To see the problem clearly and honestly is the beginning of wisdom. O.A., ACoA, N.A., G.A., Al-Anon and others have used these simple principles with profound results. Do I see the snake?

Teach me to avoid those things that cause me pain and destruction.


Daily TA0
August 20

Don’t call me a follower of Tao.

Following Tao is an intensely personal endeavor in which you spend each minute of your life with the universal pulse. You follow the fluid and infinitely shifting Tao and experience its myriad wonders. You will want nothing more than to be empty before it – a perfect mirror, open to every nuance.

If you put labels on who you are, there is separation from Tao. As soon as you accept the designations of race, gender, name or fellowship, you define yourself in contrast to Tao.

That is why those who follow Tao never identify themselves with the name Tao. They do not care for labels, for status, or for rank. We all have an equal chance to be with Tao.
Reject labels.
Reject identities.
Reject conformity.
Reject convention.
Reject definitions.
Reject names.


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