I sent the papers off to Admissions at the Hospital in Coffs. Sure doesn’t take much pressure to make me frazzled and freaking. Strip it back again, Girl. Strip it back. The rain is hitting now. Quite heavy. Me – well I am in the Formation of New Normal. Which means me at home in the Shack alone. Nothing seems to come up in Bellingen for me and down South seems a remote option.

So -the ordinary forms. Ain’t too bad.

Elder’s Meditation of the Day August 22

“When life is too good, we think too highly of ourselves and our blessings. Then we decide we are the wisest and the favoured ones, and we don’t think we need Wakan-Tanka and the Helpers anymore.”
–Fools Crow, LAKOTA

It is sometimes easy to get off track when times are good. We start to take the credit and start to think we are in control. We start to think we are smart. Then we quit praying or pray only with lip service. We say the words but don’t mean them.
Sometimes our head is our greatest enemy. We start acting like a foolish child. We must develop the discipline to be humble during the good times. We need to remember how honourable it is each day to come into the presence of the Creator. How happy we should be to talk to the Grandfathers, to have the choice to start each day on the Sacred Spot – our place of communion with the Great Spirit.

Oh Great Spirit, first let me thank You for the honour of talking to You today. To have the insight of Your love, that only You can love me when I don’t deserve to be loved. Let me be reminded to talk to You all day long.


Hour To Hour – Book – Quote

If someone on the program talks rather harshly to you, it is because they too have been where you are. They will not pity you because pity leads to self-pity which leads to mind-affecting chemicals. Sometimes reality is harsh, and we won’t hide that from you in our program.

When another in the program is harsh with me, help me to see the love behind the harshness, the reality behind my pain.


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