It rained all day today and was cold. Seems to have been a grey old winter to me. I went to the NA Meeting in Urunga and 3 of the Byron people were there. Women I knew in the 80s. I always felt a little less than them. Gloriously beautiful, they were. Now I realise that they were 10 years younger, beautiful and perhaps not as massacred for so long as I had been.

Today – we different. They are now in their 50s. Remarkably beautiful still and we meet in an entirely different place of the Spirit.

It warmed my heart and Spirit and reduced the Fear tremendously.

ITS STILL COLD AND RAINING but its also dark and the day is done. I have my big gas heater and I am cosy.

Sustained ongoing recovery of the most penetrating kind. I would choose an easy path given the chance. As I thought I were all those years back when I picked up hard drugs. But -I know that it doesn’t work so I walk this path. Crawl it on occasions. Then, every now and then, I meet the other People doing similar things. Crawling along and then I smile. Glorious Women. Glorious Men. Addicts from the Bowels of Life and NOW – now – we are rather more than Cool.


Henny Oneofakind Ewing‎ to Friendsof Bill W -FOB the Group

We must remember where we came from.
Lest we lose sight of where we’re heading..

Once upon a time this was the primary purpose
of a certain fellowship: to carry a life-changing message.
The method for doing this became known as 12th-stepping.

Over time, things changed.

Currently, many folks seem convinced that
recovery focus is all about getting them to a place
where they can dwell happy, joyous, and free forevermore.
Without strenuous effort, except that of working on themselves.
By not picking up a substance. Like that is all it takes to get there.

This contemporary approach may work for some.
For others it won’t.

What many don’t realize:
those are the folks the book was intended for.
And for them the old 12th step method may very well be
the only thing that can possibly save their lives.

To forget the things relevant to that
( A.A.’s actual Primary Purpose)
is simply not an option!


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