Acceptance is not submission; it is acknowledgment of the facts of a situation. Then deciding what you’re going to do about it.
—Kathleen Casey Theisen

A day at home. How unusual and one pony ride to town. Eden on Facetime and another chilled evening.

I am again quiet as I seem to be until bedtime . Most nights are pretty grim. Out come the ghosts and the Horrors a-haunting.

I HAVE been thinking about Recovery and Addiction. Its such a widespread movement but in actuality is designed for those of us who are truly the ones out there. The ones who cannot control our drink or drug use.  The true Crazies. The ones who near die from what they are doing. Just thinking about it.

I hope I sleep tonight.

Whilst complaining about that, I am also rejoicing in some of the improvements. I do not have the paralysing cramps I had directly after the Coma and for months.

I DO BELIEVE I am walking better and a little further than what I was.

I HAVE DONE A LOT this last couple of weeks. How exciting is that ? AND I HAVE NOT ENDED UP IN HOSPITAL.

I have had a sleepover at my Daughter’s house.

I have been to my granddaughter’s concert at school.

And now I am pottering. Pottering indicates emotional wellbeing to me.

Mind you, it remains a very transitional time for me. My mind is attempting to absorb the meaning of being this age in this condition. Death has become a Weaving Mistress amongst us and I am not yet adjusted.

But for tonight – I am pottering.


Pocket Sponsor – Book – Quote

When you are having trouble doing one day at a time and it feels as though several days have attacked you at once, realize that nothing except your own thoughts can really attack. In fact, it is only your own thoughts that can prove to you that you have not been attacked or singled out unfairly.

I counter thoughts of ‘unfairness’ with the realization that I am very lucky the world has not paid me back for all the wrongs I’ve caused.


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