Another brief post because its still hard to write and think for long. Never been so weary in my entire life. I am home from hospitals and I see the sun come up in the morning. My son is here and my daughter and the girls come to visit. I have cut contact with the only ones who caused me distress ( as I once did with my sister). That way we can hurt each other no more with words I would regret and they can’t hurt me. its clearly a matter of survival now and I love life. I love the good people in my life. I love being able to think. I love the sounds and the sights.I am back from a very long dreaming of 2 weeks or more. I was happy out there dreaming – but on return I find out how terrible a time it has been for those who love me. My pride and delight in my children almost hurts. My swooping network of people amazes me.And I may well be able to just stay here for now. Sit on the front verandah and sleep a lot and watch the little ones plant sunflower seeds and the big ones pack and clean and put clothes in drawers which I can access easily. I have help coming twice a week. And after I turn 65 I can have Meals on Wheels if I still need them.The Fellowship had a meeting here Sunday morning and that helped me a lot.I had a brother who came and stayed and nieces and now to CONVALESCE. I wonder exactly what that word does mean.Hey, Iz. Clara can use the swing now and they are planting sunflowers and it looks like I can stay here.



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