i have slippers


Well, my Girl bought me leopard skin slippers. Sweet Lord . And good green curries.

The plumber fixed the blocked sullage and I have booked a lass to weed and the cleaners are coming to asses later in the week.

Despite the prospect of lying once more like a slab of meat on a trolley , my esteem is slightly more in order again. The Esteem of Self. For some reason, amongst the blocked sewage pipes and filthy house and weedy garden and preparing to life on a trolley and be hurt again – LYNNE is arising. Goddamn it ! Oh Goddam it !

ITS late now. Nearing midnight. I so don’t want to do this – but I will. I want to live in the exquisite. The beautiful. I want the glorious and private.

There is beauty in fear and in tears and in the anguish of grief. I do not wish to be robbed of them.

I swear if I come through this – I shall be formidable. Totally formidable. Bedtime. No more food till tomorrow. Which don’t matter because I am not hungry. Lord – look after me.

Once I ate opium for several weeks. I became quite odd – but I loved the world of beauty it took me to – the passion and perfection. As Steve from Gordon said :

“I live the ordinary life in an extraordinary way. ” 

And so – to all those who are intimidated – back off. Go elsewhere.

I love a beautiful life.




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