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Today I went to look at a studio flat and I liked it. A lot. So did Kate. Its just up from the Prov. The Landlady is an aged care nurse. I have said YES despite the whispers of what could go wrong – and they could indeed go wrong – but they might not. Now – to work out how to move. It has 2 bedrooms and a beautiful yard. Its near Kate’s and the Shops and the river. It also gives me a spare room for visitors. O Lordie me  let this work out. Other places have worked for me. Bilambil and Tumbulgum and Raleigh. Maybe this one will too. Just imagine. Just imagine.

The Shack has served me well but – it was my convalescent home and my mourning place and now the ghost and me live here alone and I want out. Somewhere less tumbledown and where I can do a few more things.

Another thing that happened today was that Dr Charlie found me a psych I actually want to see. Antonia. I see her on Sep 27 in Bellingen . I need help. I have 10 free appointments. This might help to lead me out through these shadowy places.

Reasons for moving –

proximity to family

proximity to shops

better quality building

next step away from grief and pain

I still have access to meetings. 2 in Bello and lifts to Urunga.

Doctor is one block away.

There are geese next door and a carved wooden canoe.

And the spare bedroom where I could actually have people stay and give them privacy. Bellingen has really good food as well.

I am a wanderer. I have known that for years. I stay a few years in a house and then I want to see the next interesting thing. I am not ready for a really big move – but this one could be perfect.


Elder’s Meditation of the Day – September 15

“Follow the Old One’s advise.”
–Tom Porter, MOHAWK

The Old One is called by many different names – Grandfather, The Four directions, Father Sky, Mother Earth. We should seek the advice of the Old One to help us build our vision. He will put inside of our mind and heart the vision that we are to follow. This vision is recognizable by the feeling that it has with it. This feeling is hard to describe. It feels “right,” it feels calm, it feels joyful, it feels warm, it feels sacred. The Old One has a way of letting us know it really it His advice. Listen carefully!

Grandfather, I’m listening.


How the hell am I actually going to do this move ?

2013 in RALEIGH



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