I stayed in bed again all day and slept almost all day. Took one pony ride into town for supplies and then home. The planning for moving is gnawing at my brain.One idea at a time. Arkue says she will pay for removals. I can play for final cleaner. Maybe I can do this more simply than the others think. I shall get prices on Monday and just see.

THE NECK PAIN IS NOW minimal and some days it doesn’t trouble me at all. That has made a big difference to the clarity of my thinking.

In fact today, my body is very comfortable except for the sleepiness – and that is comfortable. Just – sleepy.

I AM on my Eden Facetime and warm and tucked in here. Time to do a little mental programming about this move rather than emotional.

Both households, North Bello and Eden are busy crocheting. How did my kids grow up such darlings from such traumatic childhoods ? I will tell you about their childhoods one day. But not tonight.

Back to the Planning.


  1. ELIMINATE internal step
  2. easier cleaning
  3. closer to Kaybee and Co
  4. near doctor
  5. move away from the convalescence and grief
  6. access to good food and shops
  7. be around school and swimming etc for the little ones.
  8. spare bedroom


I shall consider them some other time.


  1. Give notice
  2. get lease with Lisa
  3. arrange Lar to  weed garden
  4. Neil to do yard before I move
  5. Find out cost of a full removal inc packing
  6. find cost of a final cleaner
  7. see whether al t would like to help sort boxes at the bello end.


BUT FOR TONIGHT, all is well. All is well.

“In order to say yes to your priorities you have to be willing to say no to something else.”


Short term priorities :
  1. make kaybee’s life a little simpler
  2. overlap more with the little ones
  3. eat better
  4. move out of the first convalescent phase
  5. explore Bellingen

Now – do as you were taught in Langton Clinic. Reduce that to 3 things.

  1. make the overlap with north bello easier
  2. explore new places
  3. make a safe home environment

OK Now be more specific : the next 3 things – inc nothing to do with moving tonight

  1. write for a while and some some photo editing
  2. glass of water
  3. 3 bed and kindle.




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