2 ladies in to give me a hand today. We did the kitchen – well they did. So we must have made progress. I feel a slight edge of insanity – just shimmering a little. Physically – OK. Mentally – OK. Emotionally – OK but shimmery. Elpee was in touch and telling me about the gardens and play areas. I have my concerns but I am proceeding nonetheless. Imagine if it were the haven she is offering. Just imagine that.

I am now sitting in the middle of the familiar packing mess and wondering  about things.

do not let your mind out of today’s cage, lynne. 

She tells me there is a play area for the Girls and she is bleaching the path. I am cautious as I always am.

The things which I am expecting to be improvements,

  1. attending appointments most of which are in Bello.
  2. visiting with family
  3. getting food shopping
  4. going out
  5. variety of shops
  6. keeping it clean
  7. ease of outdoor maintenance
  8. spare room for visitors

Journey To The Heart
September 25
Discover Life’s Rhythm

Step into the natural rhythm for your life.

You don’t have to push through anymore. You don’t have to push yourself, life, or the energy flow.

If you get tired, take a break. Take a walk. Take in the healing energy of the world around you. Listen to the birds sing. Hear the laughter of a child. Feel the warm smile of a friend, or smile at a stranger passing by. If you get stuck or tangled up, stop trying force the solution. Back off, until the answer emerges naturally from that place of peace and natural instinct within you.

Step out of your tension, out of your fear. Laugh. Lighten up. Loosen up. Change your energy. Relax until you find the flow. Relax until you find your rhythm, until you feel life’s rhythm again.

Step into the rhythm of love.


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